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Refill is a festival water bottle designed to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic, the spread of disease and help raise awareness of drug and alcohol issues surrounding music festivals and events.
It is a flat-packed form designed to be easily kept close at hand and constructed from a  two-part injection-moulded cap that has two functional components. The underside acts as a normal lid with thread, while the top side contains an inverted funnel that can be attached to the bottom side when needing to be refilled.

This funnel system works in conjunction with water stations throughout the festival. When the funnel is attached to the bottle a protruding clip can press against a water dispenser and force a quick and effective portioned refill into the package. This system discourages the spread of disease by separating the physical contact between packaging, mouths and water supplies.

Refill encourages the reuse of its packaging by supplying important information to the user, such as set times and the festival map, which is printed on the back of the bottle. This dual function makes the bottle less likely to be thrown away. For added convenience, the packaging is collapsible and can be easily be carried in a back pocket or on a lanyard.