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Click is a product redesign of the commonly used plastic tape dispenser. When closed, the form embodies a minimal aesthetic of a small rectangle with a single rounded corner. This rounded corner implies the function of the object and is the point at which tension is held within the body.

To save both material and tooling costs, Click’s form is constructed through the use of two live hinges. By using live hinges, only four mould parts are needed to injection-mould the product – this is equal to current manufacturing methods of traditional plastic tape dispensers.

Haptic and audio feedback is embedded within the form through the indentations and bulbs that lock in and out of place as the tape dispenser is opened and closed. When the form is closed the tape roll is protected from dust and dirt by being completely encapsulated. However, when open, the functionality of the object pays homage to the archetype of traditional tape dispensers.

There is a flat panel before the cutting ridge that the tape attaches itself to post-cut. This construction assists the tape to fold back on itself when closed to hold its position for quick and easy use after each opening and closing.